Create an Outdoor Space You Can Be Proud Of

Have you ever looked out at your backyard and started mentally planning how you want it to be different? Having a large backyard is great, particularly if you have pets or children (or both!). However, you are not making the most of your outdoor space unless you landscape the area. There is a lot more to landscaping than just putting down some grass seeds. There is even more to it than picking out nice outdoor furniture. If you really want to make a statement with your landscaping, use these tips and tricks to help your large outdoor space look its best.

1. Divide Your Backyard Into Zones

If your yard is very big, it is hard to get a design in place that works for such a massive space. To make the task easier, divide your backyard into zones. Think about what will be happening in each area, and use that information to help you figure out a design scheme. For example, if there is an area that will be a play space for your children, think about what you want to have there for them; a picnic table might be nice, and a play structure is always a good idea as well. You want to have clearly defined areas to make the best use of your space. If you want to have your own little oasis outside, think about creating a zone that will contain a water feature, a few chairs or a bench, and maybe even a fire pit. Remember that you don't necessarily want every square inch of space planned out. Your needs may change in a few years, and you want the flexibility to adapt to that.

2. Go With A Curvilinear Design

When you have a large outdoor space, you can choose from a variety of landscape styles. A curvilinear design, though, has a number of advantages. It looks natural because it has curved boundary lines that work with the way your yard is laid out. In addition, if you have a rolling terrain, this style still looks good and can make changes in grade fit right in. If you decide on a curvilinear design, you embrace the way your yard naturally flows rather than trying to make it fit a certain shape.

3. Carefully Place Your Plants

If you want to add texture to your yard, and make it visually appealing, you need to layer your plants. First, plant or grow tall plants by the boundary of your yard. You should choose vegetation that grows well in your climate. For example, the Golden Wattle thrives in South Eastern Australia. Eucalyptus trees are always a good choice as well, because they do not require a lot of care and will thrive just about anywhere. However, they do not do well in areas that frost, and fire is a threat to them as well. Next, plant vibrant shrubs with a lot of color in front of the taller plants. Bottlebrushes, honey myrtles and grevilleas are all great choices. Keep in mind that the smallest bushes should be in the front.