Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can provide additional living space and enables you to eat, cook and entertain without having to book a reservation. Many people out there associate outdoor kitchens with backyard BBQ’s and grilling in summer. However, outdoor kitchens go beyond the summer months as they can allow you to cook outside all year round. It may be a good idea to incorporate interior kitchen ideas into an outdoor kitchen as this will add value, versatility and fun to a home.

Weatherproof the Area

There's nothing worse than firing up the grill and you throw the meat on the BBQ, then all of a sudden a big gust of wind comes along and blows out the flames. This can get extremely frustrating. One solution is to use outdoor blinds to protect the outdoor kitchen area. Outdoor blinds come in a few different options with different levels of protection against the elements, one of the more popular styles of outdoor blinds at the moment is the zip screen blinds. This is a blind that is locked in to two channel guides on the sides of your awning. This style of blind comes in both motorised and crank style operation. [video width="400" height="222" mp4=""][/video] Zip screens have become extremely popular as you can completely seal off the patio area from bugs, wind and dust, and when you want to let the fresh air and sun in, just wind them up using the remote (for motorised) or the quick and easy manual crank.

Start from the ground up

Establishing the floor layout and material of an outdoor kitchen is key to building the foundation of that space. Therefore, it is good to consider the different weather climates that could occur and the overall weight of the appliances you want to install. Flooring such as marble and tile become slippery when wet and are unable to hold up to things such as food stains and grease. If your outdoor space is on a deck, restain or paint it to make it match the new renovations and ensure that the deck is in good condition.


When finding the location for your outdoor kitchen, you need to consider several factors. First of all, ensure that smoke from the grill will not waft back into your home. This is why it is good to consider the wind pattern in your yard so that you may orient the grill properly. Secondly, if you among those people who frequently entertain and you do not want to travel a long distance from the indoor kitchen to the outside, then it may be a good idea to place the grill and outdoor kitchen near the entrance to your inside kitchen. Keep in mind that outdoor cooking and entertaining on a regular basis means carrying heavy platters have to carry from one place to another.

Consider the size and number of your kitchen appliances

This is the first question that professional outdoor kitchen designers usually ask homeowners who want an outdoor kitchen. You may be planning to use refrigeration, several cooking appliances and also considering certain entertainment needs. Consider how your appliances will fit into the design plan, how much room each and every appliance will need and how they will work with each other. When it comes to cooking, consider your favourite outdoor cooking method. Do you like hamburgers cooked over charcoal barbecues or grilled fish? Do you like pizza cooked in a brick oven? A Smoker or Tandoor? An outdoor kitchen can have a gas, electric, propane or charcoal grill, various ovens and stoves. Do you like preparing foods such as fish outside? Or do you like preparing it indoors and bringing it outside to cook? Do you want to have a sink in your outdoor kitchen? It is also important to consider the number of people you will be cooking for. Design an outdoor kitchen that will be able to handle the preparation and cooking of your favourite meals and also accommodate your guests. From there, you can make necessary adjustments. Ensure that there is a place to put items on and also make sure that there is plenty of storage. Just like your indoor kitchen, you should ensure that you have a place to put items on and also ensure that there is plenty of storage. However, the major difference is that when it comes to outdoor kitchens, the places where you will put and store your items should be durable and waterproof because of temperature changes. Cabinets and countertops can provide space and help keep clutter away. You can customize this look by coordinating your flooring, countertops and cabinets in the same way you would with an indoor kitchen.

Buy reliable appliances

Most of the outdoor kitchens usually have a grill (both charcoal and gas), a small refrigerator and a sink. Some of the kitchens have speciality items such as a beer tap, smokers, warming drawers and hibachi grills. Look for durable appliances that cannot be easily damaged by the sun or rain. Ceramic and stainless steel appliances are durable and can make it through all weather conditions and also require low maintenance.

Add a touch of ambience

An outdoor kitchen is a place to cook and eat and also a place to entertain family and guests. It can enable you to enjoy the weather while experiencing indoor comfort. Therefore, it is a good idea to incorporate futures that will make your outdoor kitchen the centre of your summer. Tables, chairs, decorative objects and speciality lighting can complete the look.


All outdoor kitchens are exposed to elements and it is important for surfaces and appliances to be covered and maintained if the kitchen is not used on a regular basis. This is mainly because of the fact that they are outdoors. Consider the time and effort required to keep up a kitchen you build or install. Are you going to be the sole chef and cleaner or are you going to seek help? Make it easy on yourself; remember that sometimes simpler is better.