About Asbestos Abatement in Melbourne

Have recently moved into your home and you have found out or suspect that you may have asbestos building materials in your house? Here is few questions you may have been asking:

Is Asbestos Hazardous

Asbestos is only a danger if it is broken up or disturbed. If you have asbestos in your home, the majority of the time it does not pose an active risk to you or your family.

However, if you did want to renovate for example, then you would need a licensed professional who is going to take the appropriate safety measures to remove and dispose of your asbestos materials.

We do asbestos removal in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

There are two different types of asbestos in buildings around Melbourne.

Friable and Non-friable.


This means it safe to work with when dry, so it can be pulverised etc when dry.


This form is more dangerous and can not be demolished or worked with when dry.

Non-friable usually requires an additional license to work with and that license is only held by a few companies.


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